5 SuperStar Tips For Virtual Selling!

Dear Friends & Network,

There have been different buzz words flying around over the last several weeks.

The Virtual Selling phenomenon has infiltrated nearly every industry on the planet.

And transactions as personal as buying a home are being executed 100% virtually end-to-end to prove it. In fact, open a new tab on your browser and Google, “selling homes using FaceTime,” and you’ll see real stories of professionals who are doing it.

To help you get started, here are 5 SuperStar Virtual Selling Tips:

  1. Double down on the communication with buyers to keep them “buy.”
  2. Send out videos, messages and testimonials to prospects in your pipeline.
  3. Set follow-back appointments & video chat talks with existing leads.
  4. Set up audio calls & video chats with NEW leads.
  5. Talk to your pre existing customers and keep those social bonds strong – you’ll also get great social proof when you need to ask for a testimonial.

Set up specific times each day on your calendar to work on the really, really critical priorities for Virtual Selling. Listen, there’s a lot more to Virtual Selling than just using FaceTime or subscribing to Teams.

And if you are not yet on the video messaging bandwagon, get there…fast!

This should not be cutting edge and yet people are still not using it. It’s not difficult.

You can record yourself in a video message, which is powerful because it allows your prospects to see you and receive your positive energy. You can also point the camera at your product or a specific feature that might be important to the customer, and simply narrate behind it.

Once you shoot the video, attach it to a text message or email and click “Send”. Simple as that. And when you get comfortable sending out videos, then you can get comfortable with the idea of video chats.

Two-way video chats (like FaceTime or Teams) are very powerful because it allows for that social connection with your customer.

And video is a fantastic way to get social connection in with your customer during the virtual buying experience.

At LeadPioneers, we help you generate B2B Sales Leads, this will allow you to have consitent growing pipeline with potential buyers for the now and the future. Contact us and let us support you in creating or updating your business strategy.