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The Premier B2B Lead Generation Agency

LeadPioneers is a B2B Lead Generation Agency that uses Cold Calling Email, LinkedIn, and Direct Mail to book meetings with qualified buyers at top prospects by using a proprietary technology platform.

Our Company Values


How We’re Different From Other Agencies

Comprehensive Total Addressable Market

Building a master list of all your potential prospects is the first step in building a successful sales strategy. No other agency builds you a comprehensive list of thousands of prospects because of the effort and cost, however, we view it as key to understanding the big picture and being successful.

Custom Sales Development Playbooks

The Sales Playbook is a 17-25 page overview of how we will approach your market. Every Playbook includes your total addressable, ideal company profile, buyer personas, competitor analysis, value prop breakdown, campaign messaging, weekly meeting goals, handoff procedures, and LeadPioneers benchmarks and best practices.

AI-Driven Proprietary Technology Platform

Rather than molding our process around 3rd party applications like other agencies, we developed a breakthrough patent-pending technology. Data validation, spam keywords detector, real-time reporting, activity tracking, improved deliverability, and intricate message testing that’s never been possible until now – all in one place.

Our Team

Chrys Gerokonstantis
Chief Executive Officer
London, UK

Core Focus:
Chrys’ relentless drive for innovation and work ethic pushes the LeadPioneers brand, operations, and technology forward on a daily basis. He’s also an avid boxer and traveller.

Olivia Kyriakides
Sales Manager
London, UK

Core Focus:
Olivia’s thurst for knowledge and academic excellence pushes LeadPioneers impact in the whole sales industry. She’s also a networking freak and food enthusiast.

About Our Brand

LeadPioneers is a complicated and intricate creation, yet absolutely orderly and systematic in its structure and processes. It maintains an army of lead workers to keep things running smoothly, each with their own personal and integral role to maintaining continued lead success.

Our B2B Lead Generation Agency isn’t too dissimilar to the beehive in both of these elements; a structured yet intricate organization that relies on the complex and tireless efforts of numerous industry experts and a “lead” that represents our incredible lead generation platform.