How To Book Better Quality Appointments Over Email!

Appointment setting over email!

Like all cold emails, your appointment setting messages will do better if you know exactly who you’re sending it to. This means having a deep understanding of who your ideal client is and how you can sell the value of taking the meeting to them.

That means sending an appointment setting email that is:

  • Personalization: Show who has completed their task and know who they are.
  • Succinct and concise – Your message must be compelling and convincing from the start. Don’t start with a weak “I hope it’s okay” or another single statement.
  • Respect potential customers’ time: Get to the point quickly. Recognize that your potential customers are busy and tell them why you should contact them.
  • Clearly explain how you will solve potential customers’ biggest problem: What keeps your ideal customers up at night? How will your product solve this problem?
  • Tell them exactly what to do next: Should they respond? Click on the link for your calendar? Become very clear what your next step is.

It’s a lot to pack into a few sentences. Which is why one great tip is to share your email with the ideal customer within your own company.

So for example, if your ideal customer is a VP of Operations, then show your email to your VP of Operations. Is it something they’d open and read? Does it make them want to connect with you? Ask for their honest opinion, because they’ll know better than anyone else.

When it comes to setting appointments over email, you also need a tool that lets you send personalized emails at scale and be incredibly organized so you can respond quickly and timely.

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