5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing!

What are the parameters to be respected for successful email marketing? Here are some tips:

What is Email Marketing?


Email marketing is a very effective marketing activity that uses the sending of e-mails for promotional, commercial purposes or related to branding and public loyalty. Email Marketing is a very important tool for doing business. Thanks to the email, contact with the customer is direct, without proprietary platforms that they choose and select. The customer trusts you because he/she has left you one of his most precious “assets”: his email address. Remember that even for Email Marketing there are rules to be respected in order not to betray the customer’s trust, which is so dear, especially if earned.

How To Do Email Marketing?


Those involved in Email Marketing do a long and complicated job. It is not enough to send a message to have good results: the risk of being banned is around the corner because people do not want to be disturbed in their inbox. Below we provide you with 5 very useful tips for successful Email Marketing. Are you ready? Set, Go!


  • Personalize the message:

    People prefer to receive personalized emails: the effectiveness of your strategy is greater when there is more attention to the content. For example, you can contextualize the email with a period of the year, such as Valentine’s Day offers. A good idea? Enter the name of the person it is intended for in the body of the email. By doing so, the chance that the email will be read increases by about 40%.

  • Always take tests:

    Your Emails are only effective if you can run tests to understand what works and what doesn’t. You can’t get great results if you can’t optimize content based on audience needs. To check the effectiveness of your emails, you need to carry out tests. We are talking about A / B test or split test, which gives you the opportunity to compare two newsletter variations (variant A and variant B) that differ from each other in title, form, content or delivery time.

  • Pay attention to the objective:

    To increase the open rate of your emails you have to take into account numerous factors, but if you want to aim high you have to optimize the subject field. It must be direct, based on simple words and away from the lists of suspicious keywords and terms close to spam. Getting into the junk mail folder is easy! Just one “discount” or one “free” too many to become invisible. Avoid inserting these words in the subject.

  • Don’t forget the visual content:

    In an email marketing campaign you have to foresee images and videos. You can insert the visual following the rules, adding the alt tag and other details to reduce the risk of running into the filters and controls of the various programs to read the mail. Especially don’t use images for call to action, use links on normal anchor text

  • Pay attention to the size of the photos:

    Choose programs that allow you to optimize photos, reducing their weight. Above all, don’t send trivial images: choose carefully what to send to your customers.

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