6 Tips for Cold Calling!

In today’s post we will talk about how cold calls should be from a study in which the recordings of calls to potential clients have been analyzed.

While some think that cold calling is dying from not having very good results, others continue to use this technique with a fairly high success rate. But let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes the results obtained by resorting to this strategy are not what one expects, especially when not enough resources are allocated internally, or when it is not outsourced to a specialized company.

For this reason, to help combat cold calls that were not successful recently, a study has been carried out analyzing the recordings of approximately 100,000 calls, from which very useful conclusions have been drawn about what a cold call should look like. and how salespeople can increase their success rate.

Longer calls tend to be more successful.

This does not mean that we have to roll up to end the call well, but that we have to try to keep the interlocutor on the phone for as long as possible, and this we will achieve if we have an answer to the possible objections that he can tell us, and if we are clear and concise speaking. That is, eliminating everything that does not add value to our argument.

Have a good opening on the call.

This point is key because it is the first sentence they are going to hear, therefore it has to convince them to continue answering the phone. The key aspects to achieve this are the following:

  1. Say the name of the potential customer.
  2. Indicate our full name.
  3. Indicate the name of the company.
  4. Ask the key question ”How are you?”
  5. Indicate the reason for the call.


Keep discovery questions to a minimum.

In cold calls the objective is the visit or interview. In the recordings of the conversations, it was found that the calls in which the sales professional spoke more than the potential client, had a greater probability of arranging a visit. Therefore it is recommended to ask what is fair and necessary.

Improve your elevator pitch.

How? Ask the marketing department for help, do a little research prior to the call about who they are, what they do, look for possible interlocutors on Linkedin etc … At LeadPioneers we allocate several meetings before starting the campaign and in the first weeks to obtain the speech that better it can work with our interlocutors.

Promote that the arranged visits are valid.

We can half make sure that the dates we get are kept with a few tips. For example, setting up appointments in the evenings. In the recordings, the visits that were most likely to take place were those in the afternoons. Another tip is to limit the visit to less than an hour, because there is a better chance that it will be maintained.

Plan calls.

Plan all your calls in advance and make sure they follow a specific structure and sequence. By making sure your calls are sequential and don’t randomly bounce from topic to topic, it is easier for the prospect to follow the conversation.

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