5 Tips For A Succesful LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

The vast majority of companies, brands and workers who are looking for a job and want to share their skills and career path are on LinkedIn.

This platform is used by a large number of brands and businesses that seek to promote their products or services.

However, many users make mistakes when they post an ad on this social network that could be easily corrected by following a series of tips.

For this reason, we present in this note some tips to keep in mind when publishing an ad on LinkedIn and that will help you not make a mistake when creating a campaign.

Segmenting your audience is essential and LinkedIn offers the ability to segment your audience with great precision.

  1. LinkedIn is not a conventional social network. Whether the user is a worker or a company, they must bear in mind that LinkedIn is not Instagram or Twitter.
    This platform is professional and, therefore, the ads made by a profile should not share space in the user’s feed with other types of publications that are not strictly professional.
  2. Always segment your audience. The social network offers users the possibility to segment the audience with great precision. The platform offers a multitude of functions to select the best audience. Sometimes it is better to select a small sample, but that may have potential customers, rather than selecting too many people without stopping to analyze the strategy.
  3. Content is everything. The form and the style are important, but ultimately the content is what will determine that a user ends up becoming a customer of a brand. To offer the best content, you must know what the audience wants.
  4. Clarity in the objectives. Before carrying out a campaign, the aims to be achieved must be set very specifically. Perhaps in some cases you need to promote a product to sell it and you have to resort to a more traditional promotion. In other cases, the sale is not so important, but rather getting traffic in a web domain, therefore, the important thing is that users click on the link. Here the visual can play a very important role.
  5. The business must show its most human part. Social networks are not strictly a medium, therefore, in some cases it is convenient to transfer the language of the street to digital and thus achieve a certain familiarity with users.

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